Gaming Headset in Surat

Gaming Headset in Surat

Driver-free 7.1 surround sound: Games must support surround sound on gaming headsets. You'll always be one step ahead thanks to 3D gameplay and opponent voice chat. On PS4, PS5, and PC consoles, you can freely enjoy the distance and bottom-up relationship of sound thanks to the gaming headset's integrated 7.1 surround sound chip.

When you need to communicate with your gaming teammates, clearmax technology uses an advanced dual-mic system (call mic & noise-identifying mic) to accurately identify various ambient noises and human voices. It then dynamically suppresses up to 98% of environmental noise while enhancing human voice using an algorithm, delivering your commands with realistic quality and dependability to your teammates.

In order to reduce distortion and provide a clearer and more balanced high-mid bass, the gaming headset's dual-chamber driver system has a bass cavity and a separate mid-high cavity. The two sound cavities do not interfere with one another and can be individually tuned through the gaming headset tuning channel. It's simpler for players to identify rivals and craft the ideal plan of attack to secure the win.

Single-key game/music mode: No matter where the enemy is, you may use auditory position discrimination, turn off the surround sound to listen to some great music, and the headset is dual-purpose. Plug and play surround sound capability.

We use high-performance gear that you can purchase at Compu2nd, Surat, to make the best gaming headset in Surat. You can be confident that our gaming headset will perfectly satisfy all of your gaming needs thanks to its excellent characteristics. Whether you play for enjoyment or in a competitive environment, we have laptop and desktop solutions for each need.

The gaming headset in surat by Compu2nd is compatible with all games and mobile devices and has 3.5mm, USB C, and USB three audio interfaces. PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Switch, computer, laptop, and phone compatible.

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