Printer Repair Shop in Surat

Printer Repair Shop in Surat

You may save time and avoid travel and line-ups by using Compu2nd as your one-stop printer repair shop in Surat and all repair needs.

Did you know that the majority of yearly contracts for printer repair and maintenance only cover parts and labour? However, the majority of contracts do not cover consumables such rollers, fuser units, transfer belts, pickup rollers, and maintenance kits, therefore you will have to pay additional fees on top of the contract price to obtain these items.

Our maintenance and repair agreements

Simply buy two complete sets of our toner cartridges for each of your printers to be eligible for our repair and maintenance contracts. When you buy toners and need a printer audit, we'll just charge you for the necessary components. After the initial registration, all of your subsequent printer repairs and maintenance will be free as long as you keep purchasing toners from us. You will profit from our services as well as from our reasonably priced toners. You truly can't go wrong with our toners because they give the same levels of quality as other brands while being less expensive.

The price includes all consumables, such as fusers, transfer belts, transfer rollers, and pickup rollers, in addition to components and labour. Drums are the only consumable that is not included. If necessary, we will offer free labour to install all of your new consumables (apart from toners). But, if there is a problem with your printer, we will be happy to replace the toner for you at no cost.

You can get free call outs and an eight-hour onsite response when you buy our toners. If your printer cannot be fixed within sixteen hours, we will make sure you are given a replacement loan printer and promise never to let you go without your printer for too long. Every six months, we will also execute a comprehensive service on your printers to make sure they are operating at a high level. We'll perform preventative maintenance to spare you from having to deal with troublesome problems down the road.

Our repair and maintenance contracts are offered "no strings attached," which is one of their main advantages. We won't bind you to yearly or monthly obligations. Anytime you want, you can stop the agreement by simply purchasing your toners from another vendor. Despite this, we don't think you'll want to buy somewhere else, especially after you've enjoyed the advantages and savings our contract offers.